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Enne Interiors offers a traditional and modern design combining quality, elegance and comfort for a tailor-made excellence.

Every creative project, every exclusive idea can be realized without constraints of coatings and measures with the expertise and skills of the best tailors.


Nilufar will be pleased to offer you a free home-based to help you choose the best fabrics

for the realization of:


• curtains • sofas • sofa beds • armchairs • chairs • pillows and seats


For more information contact the Showroom in Via Albaro 4-6 r, 16145 Genova Tel. 010 3627550

At Enne Interiors you can find a wide range of fabrics, for upholstery, for curtains or decorations.

Sometimes, however, it happens that the fabric you fell in love with online or in a design magazine is not in the showroom, in these cases you just have to give us a photo of the article you want and we will provide you a sample of the fabric.


Below you will find some of the brands we keep in the showroom, clicking on the logo you will be redirected directly to the official sites to see the entire collections. 

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